Gas Engine Magazine Twenty-Five Years Ago

By Staff
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Jim Hickey

A 2-1/2 HP Bohon belonging to 10-year-old Joe Richards II graced
the cover of the May/June 1978 issue of GEM. At the time, Joe was
said to be the youngest member ever of the Bluegrass Steam and Gas
Engine Association of Kentucky.

Elsewhere in the issue was Rolland E. Maxwell’s continuing
history of tractor manufacturer Hart-Parr. Rolland’s column,
As I Saw It, was a regular feature in GEM where Rolland
sorted out miscellaneous details and discussed the history of
old-line engine and tractor manufacturers.

A photo sent in by reader Jim Hickey showed what looks to have
been a 3 HP C.H. & E. made by C.H. & E. Manufacturing Co.,
Milwaukee, Wis. Jim wasn’t sure what he had and was looking for
information on the company and their engines.

New York engine fan Dale Nickerson sent in a photo of a very
rare 4 HP Meverstop made by the Lazier Gas Engine Co., Buffalo,
N.Y. A sideshaft horizontal, the Neverstop featured had a very
unusual hopper-cooling arrangement with what looked to be a long,
finned barrel riding on top of the hopper and in line with the

A short article by Glenn Karch focused on the restoration of a 2
HP Arco he had acquired for the princely sum of $10. Glenn wrote
that he spent some $100 to get it back into running form, noting,
‘Add that to over 100 hours of labor and a $10 engine gets
expensive.’ Ahh, those were the days.

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