Exciting News for Stirling Hot Air Engine Lovers

By Staff

Recently P. M. Research, Inc. of Wellsville, New York, purchased
the assets of Solar Engines, a division of JEMCO, Inc., which was
located in Phoenix, Arizona. Ed and Jeanette Morgan, the former
owners of Solar Engines, decided it was time to begin their

Gary Bastian and Paul Vossler, of P. M. Research, Inc. became
aware of the possible sale or closing of Solar Engines through a
mutual dealer. This dealer, along with other dealers and customers,
was concerned with the possible closing of Solar Engines.

P. M. Research, Inc. has moved the Solar Engine Division back to
Wellsville, New York, and is in the process of building up an
inventory, advertising and becoming familiar with Solar
Engines’ customers. All of the customers seem to be very
anxious to begin business with the Solar Engines Division of P. M.
Research and are very excited that these classic engines will
continue to be available.

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