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Eddy and Holly sitting in the garage in front of the 4 HP Columbus.
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Ed and Eddy reading GEM.

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Engine – round – round are common household words at the
Laginess home. Eddy and Holly, twin son and daughter of Ed and
Karen Laginess, have taken a great interest in their Daddy’s
engines at the age of two. Is this brainwashing or what??

Eddy and Holly became interested in engines at 15 months old.
Their Daddy would sit in the rocking chair showing them all his
prize engines in the American Gasoline Engines book, along with all
the different engines in his latest GEM. At 18 months the kids
figured out how to get into the rocking chair themselves, so they
did what Daddy did get the GEM out of the box and read it. It was a
constant battle to keep the kids from ripping pages out of the
latest issue. That also includes the book that no longer has a
cover and is missing several pages.

This had to stop. So, Ed packed up all his good magazines and
put them away and replaced them with old issues plus the coverless
book. This made Mom’s job somewhat easier, not having to worry
about what GEMs they did or didn’t have. At clean up time, the
pages that are ripped out go in the trash and the rest go back in
the box.

Since the kids are getting closer to two, they can communicate
more. Little Eddy has taken a big interest in his daddy’s
hobby. He is always asking to go out in the garage to see
Daddy’s engine and gets extremely upset when he can’t. Most
of the time he is pacified with climbing up in the rocking chair,
pulling out the GEM that sparks his interest and flipping through
the pages. First he will notice whatever is on the cover saying,
‘putt-putt’ (for tractor) and with his little mumble,
‘engine, engine.’ While flipping through the pages he will
pick out all the engines and putt-putts. He is usually okay until
his sister comes up and wants the GEM that he has. After a short
squabble, Eddy will gladly get a different GEM. Holly will sit on
the hearth and read hers, too.

At dinner time Eddy and Holly always notice the small engine
model and toy tractor above the doorway. They also love it when
Daddy gives them small toy steam engines and models to play with.
Of course, under Daddy’s supervision.

Eddy is the proud owner of a HP inverted Pierce. Holly owns a HP
New Holland. Someday in the near future, they will learn how they
work, but for now, they just like to watch them run.

Daddy has a 4 HP Columbus he is fine-tuning in the garage, which
has been a slow process since our new arrival in January, Amber
Rose, Eddy and Holly’s baby sister. On Sunday when Daddy is
home from work, the kids finally get a chance to see the engine run
in the garage. They have their own little tool box they MUST sit on
to watch the Columbus run. All eyes are on that engine, including

As the twins’ birthday was coming up in July, Ed thought he
would take advantage of the GEM back issue sale. So when he called
GEM and ordered 60 magazines, the lady politely asked what they
were for. Ed answered that they were for his two-year-old twins and
explained why. She couldn’t believe it! I guess no one has ever
ordered GEM for their two-year-olds.

These kids are destined to belong to the engine family, but I am
not real sure they had a choice like everyone else. I think they
are being brainwashed. But that is okay, it’s a good family of
hobbyists to belong to.

Daddy is doing a great job with the kids, but he will be in
trouble when little Eddy and Holly not only say ‘engine,’
but say ‘Springfield,’ too!

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