Chore Boy Engines at the 1911 New York State Fair

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I am sending you a couple pictures of Associated Engine Company Chore Boy engines shown in the Chore Boy display at the 1911 fair.

When I prepare story boards to go with my engine displays at engine shows, I find period ads for them in early agricultural and farm magazines and then take them to Staples and have them blow them up to reasonable detail without losing too much sharpness. Then I have them laminated so they are weatherproof. I mount them on a piece of Luaun and then display them next to the engine. It not only educates the young and non-farm connected, but increases interest in the engine. I usually have my engines connected to something they originally ran, such as water pumps, compressors, feed grinders, and so on. Recently, I ran across a copy of a February 1911 magazine called Technical World Magazine, and found some engine ads and some engine pictures in an article about the 1911 New York State Fair. I took a picture of the 1911 Chore Boy exhibit to Staples and had them blow it up and laminate for a Chore Boy collector friend of mine.

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