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Sec’y, R.D.I DeRuyter, New York 13052

For our first ‘gas-up’ of the year, the weather was
beautiful. It was held at Baldwin Clark’s, Smyrna on April

The white elephant auction held was very successful bringing in
nearly $75.00. Approximately 40 members attended with 10 new
members joining. The complete membership is now 91. Among the many
spectators there throughout the day, some familiar faces from the
Fairville Reunion were seen.

Such engines as Ottawa, Witte, International, Lauson, Maytag,
Sears, Fairmont, Associated, John Deere, Fairbanks-Morse, Sandwich,
Emerson-Brantingham, etc. were in motion. On counting came to fifty
engines there that day. We’re hoping all the other meets will
have as fine as weather as our first one.

May 19, 1968 was the second ‘gas-up’ for us this year.
This one was at Marcellus, New York with Horace Ireland of
Skaneateles as host. First sights of the morning made us believe
that we might be rained out before the day was over. But, our good
luck charms brought us more sunshine the closer we got to
Marcellus’s. Early afternoon brought more engines and

Estimations of members brought us a total of 30. Among the same
approximate number of engines, there were Associated, Hercules,
Bulldog, United, Economy, Maytag, Fairbanks-Morse,, Briggs &
Stratton, International, Taylor Vacuum, Sandwich, Ottawa (dragsaw)
Fairmont, McCormick, Deering, Sattley, Cushman and Emerson-
Brantingham. Besides the gas engines, there were a stationary steam
engine, Model T Ford and 3 Case steam engines in motion.

The children and adults enjoyed rides on the steam engines.
Throughout the day, nearly 100 spectators passed by. New members
now bring the total number of members to 101.

June 9, we helped celebrate Sher-burne’s 175th Anniversary
with a ‘gasup’, since this is where the club originated. It
was a very hot day with many getting sunburned.

There were around 75 engines in action. Among these there were
Associated, Ottawa (dragsaw), United, Economy, Witte (dragsaw),
Sandow, Maytag, International, Taylor Vacuum, Briggs &
Stratton, Whitman, Coldwell, Sattley, McCormick-Deering,
Fairbanks-Morse, Hercules, etc.

There was also an Ideal Lawn Mower, Ireland Shingle Mill, Tread
Mill, Fanning Mill and two antique washing machines. Later in the
day, a handmade tractor run by an International engine was in

Among the 50 members present, many spectators passed by
throughout the day. Membership is now 107.

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