By Staff

13188 SR 68 South Kenton, Ohio 43326

I think I fell in love with you,
The first time that you talked,
 About the gasoline engines,
You hold closest to your heart.

The Garland, Ohio and Buckeye,
 Were just a few you named,
 Each bringing back special memories,
 Of Engine Shows and dreams.

I thought as you were talking,
 About the Fairbanks and Tom Thumb,
 How much each engine meant to you,
 You named them one by one.

You talked about the flywheels,
The governor, mag, piston & rings,
 I wondered if 1 would ever know,
Exactly what were these things.

I wondered in the weeks that passed,
As we talked of many things,
If you would ever find in your heart,
A little place for me.

I remember the day we went to the sale,
Dressed in layers of clothes.
We brought back home a Galloway,
And lots of fears and woes.

I remember our excitement,
As we talked of how we’d make,
The Galloway look new again,
With hours of patience, love and paint.

I am now beginning to understand,
Your love for engines, dear.
 But more than that I’ve also found,
Something that draws us near.

It was on that day, after hours of cold,
When I was feeling low,
You told me for the first time,
That you loved me so.

I take this time to tell you, dear,
I have fallen in love,
Not only with your engines, dear,
But also with my Engine Man,
That of course is you!

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