A Brief History Of Maytag

The Company & The Corporation From the files of the Maytag Company

| February/March 1990

330 East 11 St. South Newton, Iowa 50208

The positions of leadership occupied today by Maytag Company and its parent, Maytag Corporation, in the highly competitive appliance industry stand in sharp contrast to Maytag's modest beginnings as a small, regional manufacturer of farm equipment.

In the Beginning

F.L. Maytag, who came to Iowa as a farm boy in a covered wagon, joined with three other men to found the company in 1893. The firm produced threshing machine band-cutter and self-feeder attachments invented by one of the founders of the company. Operations were housed in an abandoned, 30 x 40 foot stove works in Newton.

After the turn of the century, the company became involved in several sidelines. The farm equipment line was expanded to include hay presses, hog waterers and numerous specialized feeders and harvesting equipment. Between 1907 and 1911, F.L. Maytag produced 'Maytag-Mason' automobiles in Waterloo, Iowa. As late as 1916, Maytag Company briefly produced farm tractors.

The first Maytag clothes washer was built in 1907 as a sideline to the farm equipment line. It was intended that this product would solve seasonal slumps in the farm equipment business and fill the need for a home washing machine.