Their History and Development

| March/April 1975

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Author's Note: Before I begin I would like to thank the following people for the information they gave me:

Mr. Verne Kindschi
Mr. Russell Ginnow
(and most of all)
Mr. Nic Smokey

I would also like to point out that due to somewhat less than complete information, some dates may be wrong and I will be glad to hear from anyone who can correct me.

In the middle of the nineteenth century a group of citizens left Schleswig-Holstern in what was then Denmark and sailed for America. Unlike many immigrants, these people carefully selected the climate of northern Italy they chose a spot in the New World that had a corresponding latitude.

The wisdom of their selection proved sound except for the fact that, expecting a climate the same as that in Italy they built their homes with the south side open to the sun. That winter they suffered many hardships, but stayed on to form what is now New Holstein, Wisconsin.

3/6/2011 4:06:27 PM

I have an old what looks like a possible lawn thatcher or possible garden tiller. Numbers on motor are type RSH 808-9 no. 510886. i have no idea what year it is or what exactly it is. can someone please help. thank you

Nic Smokey
1/10/2011 2:51:14 PM

Thirty six years ago the author of the article, Mac Sine, and I talked about Lauson Engines. A few days ago my son George Dana Smokey typed in my name on Google. What came up was Mac's article who thoughtfully gave my name as a contributor to his info on Lauson's history. Amazing how meetings happen in person and years later by internet? I hope Mr. Mac Sine is enjoying life and continuing his hobby of gasoline engines and his writing skills. Nic Smokey

Steve Smith
11/6/2010 9:51:27 PM

An elderly friend just closed his small engine shop. He has a new "old stock" Lauson engine that was used by the Navy to power a "Fog Generator". The info on the data tag only refers to the Type-- RSC 611, and the Number 5-19396. It has a sealed spark plug cable, and apparently is preserved and complete. I'm trying to find out the horsepower of the engine, rpm, etc., and if it is a commercial model used by the Navy, or a specialty built. Also, any contacts to collector's clubs would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve Smith