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Reader Mark Miller,, sent along this note about a Gregg Iron Works mowing machine/sickle bar mower:

I purchased a Meadow King mowing machine (sickle bar mower) that I was unfamiliar with but was going to salvage parts from, until I got it home. I have searched everywhere for information, pictures, literature of any sort and I have only one source who has been able to help me. The county historian for Ulysses, N.Y., Joe Baldwin, has been a blessing in a small amount of information.

The piece is almost complete (missing only the seat and wood tongue and handle). It apparently was manufactured by Gregg Iron Works in Trumansburg, N.Y., between 1860 and 1888 when the company went out of business. It is very modern for its time and very ornate. The wheels are what first caught my eye. I plan to replace the wood, add a cast iron seat and that’s it. It appears to have original paint on it and it could be made to operate again with little work.

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