Gravely Model D Cultivator

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I was lucky to acquire this Gravely Model D cultivator from our local power equipment dealer back in 2012. It was there for many months before I asked about it. It was rusted badly, but every nut and bolt came apart, some with a little more persuasion then others. It was shot at with a 38 or 44 caliber bullet [notice the hole just visible in the top shroud in the lower photo], however no damage was done, only to the top cover. One handle was broken, which I was able to repair.

After installing new piston rings, I needed a way to break them in. I used old bicycle parts to accomplish that and it worked very well. With the cultivator in the rear it was difficult to move around in my shop, so I fabricated a stand with wheels for the front. Mark’s Magneto repaired the mag. Now all I have to do is put it to work! I would like to hear from others who have a Model D.

Fred Kummerfeldt, Milford, Pennsylvania, (201) 452-3832.

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