Ingersoll-Rand Type XG Engine Compressor

By Staff
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Three XGs at a Montana utility compressor station. The picture is dated August 1935.
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Dated July 1955, these XGs are handling coke-oven gas at a steel plant.
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Dated 1927, this photo shows the compressor building of a petroleum-processing plant in California.

Regular readers will recall the photos we’ve run in the past from the Dresser-Rand Heritage Files. Contributors Mac and Betty Sine secured permission to have photos culled from the files occassion-ally reprinted in Gas Engine Magazine. This issue’s sampling shows Ingersoll-Rand Type XG integral engine-compressor site installations.

The Type XG was introduced in the mid-1920s and was first produced with a flat-type combustion chamber. Later, a Ricardo combustion chamber (named after British engineer Sir Harry Ricardo) was incorporated. The engines shown here appear to be of this type.

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