The Old Iron Community Tradition Continues

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There is something to be said about this old iron community of ours. Always welcoming, always willing to teach and always there with advice are key pieces to the tradition of old iron. Friendships are made and kept for decades; some span generations.

In my two short years working as copy editor at Gas Engine Magazine and assistant editor at Farm Collector, I’ve met some of the nicest, most interesting and passionate people on the planet.

The outpouring of support from readers since I’ve taken the reins of Gas Engine Magazine has astonished me. Letters and emails of welcome came from across the country; well, around the world if you consider restoration aficionado and contributor from across the pond, Peter Rooke, who finishes restoration of a 1926 John Deere Model E this issue.

Longtime readers and subscribers support the community by continuing to share their knowledge, photos and stories. Model guru Joe Tochtrop shares information about a new friction clutch pulley for model Economy engines in Flywheel Forum. David Babcock, a subscriber since 1966, sent in a group of old photos of engines at work – the first of the bunch can be seen above, and I’ll try to include a different one each issue as space allows. And, as always, Joe Maurer is hot on the trail of Stover engines. I won’t ruin it, but this issue’s Stover Stuff involves dynamite.

It’s amazing to think what started as a 28-page, 50-cent newsletter 46 years ago has blossomed into a 60-page, one-of-a-kind publication that thrives in print and is holding its own in this increasingly digital world.

The effort to continue the great community tradition of Gas Engine Magazine, and honor what Rev. Elmer Ritzman started so long ago, comes with a request for your input. Have you rescued an engine lately? Have a winter project that is nearing completion? A tip or trick you think would be helpful to the community? Snap some photos, jot down your story and send it my way. You don’t need to be a professional for your efforts to be greatly appreciated.

I’m also reaching out for feedback. If you have something you’d like to see us do differently, or something you’d like to see featured, let me know! Letter, phone or email, I look forward to hearing and learning from all of you.

Beth Beavers
Associate Editor

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