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Every year we see increased interest in this new approach to our
hobby. We now have several club members who actively collect and
display exhibits of miniature tractors. Just as model railroading
developed from the first toy trains, so did this important adjunct
to collections of full size equipment grow from children’s
playthings. As toy manufacturers found a growing market for their
products among adult collectors, they have increased and expanded
their lines, made their models more detailed and exact, and thus
are now offering a wide range of sophisticated scale-model farm
equipment to a growing community of interested hobbyists.

Those of us who are unable to store and transport a full-size
tractor can now participate in a new way with a satisfying
substitute. A show book, a steam magazine, and a toy tractor are
just enough to sustain us from the last show in the fall until the
first one in the spring!

The Ertl Company of Dyersville, Iowa is probably the best-known
manufacturer of toy tractors and equipment. The Ertl Replica, a
collector’s club newsletter, is sent out every two months to
its many subscribers. New tractors are shown in every issue in
1/64, 1/32, and 1/16 scale sizes. Trucks, banks, airplanes, and
farm equipment are also shown. The John Deere Company dealers have
many inexpensive toy tractors for sale, too.

More and more steam and tractor shows are now featuring toy
tractors as part of their exhibits. As this feature grows in
popularity, it is becoming increasingly evident that many people
are coming to the shows primarily to look at toys rather than at
their full-size counterparts. Shows that recognize the popularity
of these toys can certainly cash in on this new trend! It remains
to be seen how soon toy tractors will be mentioned in the show
advertising carried by the steam magazines. The Wisconsin Steam
Antique Engine Club Show, held the second full weekend in August,
has a large building devoted only to toy tractors and equipment.
This will be the third year that the toy exhibit has been prominent
in this show. Let’s see all of you toy tractor buffs at
Chilton, Wisconsin on August 12 & 13!

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