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18-36 Hart Parr, owned by Albert Fife, 134 Townline Milton Ontario Canada.
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John Deere
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Oil Pull

R.R. #2, Hawkestone, Ontario LOL 1TO

The Georgian Bay Steam Club held their annual show on the August
1st holiday weekend at Cookstown, Ontario. The trophy winner for
the best restored tractor prior to 1930 went to Bruce Goss of R.R.
#3, Coldwater, Ontario for his glistening grey 1929 Rumely-Model Y
-30 50 HP, serial number 210, engine RPM 625-635. This Oil Pull was
used in a saw mill for 20 years and subsequently provided belt
power for a threshing outfit at Elmvale, Ontario for 15 years. Only
245 of the Model Y Oil Pulls were originally made by the Advance
Rumely Company.

Another trophy winner was Ralph Mertz with his John Deere, Model
R engine, RPM – 1000. The picture enclosed is of the flywheel

The 18-36 Hart Parr, a crowd favorite, belongs to Albert Fife of
Miiton, Ontario. The interesting 12 HP Fairbanks Morse engine is
owned by Harry Fraser.

If you are in our area July 30, 31 or August 1, 1977, please
make yourself known. We have over 100 gas engines on display,
running a wide variety of antique farm machinery, not to mention
the numerous steam traction engines, models and other activities of
interest. Old parts are sold or traded in the Bazaar Building at
our old fashion store. If you have special inquiries, write and I
will see that your letter is passed on to the proper person.

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