2-1/2 HP Motorgo Engine, 12 HP threshing engine and 50 HP Fairbanks Morse Diesel

By Staff
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Courtesy of Larry Evans, R.R. 5, Osage, Iowa 50461
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Courtesy of Oscar L. Carson, Pleasantville, Pennsylvania 16341
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Courtesy of James Handley, 1522 Cherrywood Drive, Modesto, California 95350

Front to left is a 2-1/2 HP Motorgo Engine — at its right is a
1-1/2 HP McCormick engine with Serial Number E-W724 and at upper
center is a 1906 Fairbanks Morse. Lawrence Schmidt got these
together for the 1974 Cedar Valley Engine Show, Labor Day Weekend
at Charles City, Iowa.

International Famous 12 HP threshing engine cutting firewood. My
father ran a threshing machine many years with this engine.

I would like to share with the engine enthusiasts an engine I
found at an abandoned gold mine mill operation. It is a 50 HP
Fairbanks Morse Diesel. It powered an ore crusher — 5 stamp mill
— electric generator — a water pump. This operation was located
in California. Mother lode way down a steep canyon without any
road. There is a switch back pack animal trail leading to it. They
must have had a time getting this equipment down there.

At left is yours truly with the engine. Center photo shows the
stamp mill battery and shaker table. At right, the clutch and
electric generator.

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