UAW Annual Antique Gas Engine & Tractor Show

By Staff
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Arlan Landis of Canton, Illinois, and Dan Davis of Anderson.
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Gary, Jane, Adam and Andy Perkins from Mansfield, Ohio.

2025 Hillcrest Drive Anderson, Indiana 46012

Mother Nature both smiled and frowned, but couldn’t dampen
the spirits at UAW Local 662’s 12th annual Antique Gas Engine
& Tractor Show. The show was held May 31-June 2 in Anderson,
Indiana. The featured equipment was Ford tractors and equipment and
Economy gas engines.

On Friday, blue skies and bright sunshine danced on the old
relics of yesteryear as they arrived on the grounds. Many
interesting exhibits were in the process of being set up, as well
as friendships being renewed. The events were kicked off Friday
evening with the annual fish fry. Over 500 dinners were served.
Also, craft and flea market vendors were open for business.

Saturday’s events were numerous. Tractors were chugging
around the grounds, as their proud owners told of laborious
restorations, and ‘how it used to be.’ The whimsical sounds
of the gas engines brought stories of a different era.

There were 73 tractors and 172 gas engines exhibited. Also there
were farm toys, mini-farm equipment, wrench collections, hot air
engines, hog oilers, old cars, and Dan and Barb Davis’ Anderson
History Museum, featuring products manufactured in Anderson.

There were 46 locals represented at the show and visitors from
14 states.

Long haul winners included Glen Roettger from Cambridge City,
Indiana, with a John Deere tractor; the Jack Crane family from
Whitestown, Indiana, with their Ford tractor; and Arlan Landis of
Canton, Illinois, with a gas engine exhibit. Virgil Robold of
York-town, Indiana, was the lucky winner of the TV.

On Saturday the White River Folk and Blue Grass Club hosted a
music festival. Several bands participated. Country, bluegrass, and
gospel music provided a toe-tapping good time.

Throughout the entire weekend, craft and flea market vendors
displayed their talents and wares. Many comments were received
about the ‘high quality’ of the craft show and the unique
talents that were displayed. Once again the ladies from the Spring
Valley Quilt Guild demonstrated their talents at the quilting bee.
The articulate and painstaking stitches fascinated many ladies as
well as many men.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning brought rain. However, the
show was a success and was enjoyed. Many sights, and sounds,
captured your thoughts and imagination but it was really the people
who provided the warmth and spirit of the show.

Whether it was Jack, Carol, John Davidson’s tireless work
and enthusiasm, Helen Bennett’s genuine smile and friendliness
that has greeted exhibitors for the entire twelve years of the
show, watching Bob Rhea taking children, squealing with delight,
over the grounds in Bob’s Bumpy Barrels, or watching Barb Davis
strolling the grounds with Dan, in her early 1900 attire, we could
all feel the friendship that abounds at the show.

And even though you know that we may not see some people again
until next year, the rush of adrenaline will once again start
pumping when you see the old friends pull in offering hand-shakes,
hugs, and smiles and welcoming new friends also, at the same

Our thanks go to all who participated, visited and worked at the
show. Our success is because of everyone working together. We hope
that you’ll mark your calendar to attend next year’s show
which will be held June 6-8, 1997. A good time will be had at the
show where old and new friends meet.

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