UAW 2195 Gas Engine and Tractor Show

By Staff
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Local 662, UAW, 2025 Hillcrest Drive, Anderson, Indiana

On a chilly, sunny April 1, 1995, my wife and I
‘adventured’ to northern Alabama to see the first annual
Antique Engine and Tractor Show put on by UAW Local 2195 for the
Saginaw Plant in Limestone County, Tanner, Alabama, the largest
cotton producing county in Alabama.

We saw Larry Lemmond’s homemade peanut sheller powered by
his gas engine, and various ideas on how to grind corn into
cornmeal. The workers at Saginaw unquestionably joined together to
bring out their restored engines, tractors, models and other
related equipment. They stirred up a big iron kettle of beans and
baked twenty pounds of cornbread (Larry’s wife, Jonny, got into
the act here).

We were treated to southern hospitality at its best! Arriving
the day before the show, Larry Lemmond treated us to a tour of
Saginaw Steering Gear. Engine enthusiasts really miss out if they
don’t go to the smaller shows and see how differently they put
prized gas engines and tractors to use. This was a great show!

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