A Good Tractor Show

By Staff
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R.C.Larson of Fargo and his Big-Four "30" gas tractor,1967.
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Buffalo-Pitts Niagara Second owned by William Hektner of Wahpeton,North Dakota.
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Big rigs at the end of Elmer's row on thresherman's hill,1967. 

One of the biggest and best shows was the Western Minnesota Steam
Thresher’s Reunion at Tractor Show at Rollag, MN on Sept. 1-2-3-4th 1967. The
weather was good and over 8,000 admission buttons were sold. Women and children were free, so the attendance was about 16,000. Some of
the improvements this year were the numerous benches around the
grounds, the drinking fountains and comfort stations, and the sound
system announcing the events. Also new was the free lunch stand for
the workers. There were several stands selling refreshments and
some church groups serving meals in different buildings.

Some of the largest tractors belonged to Mr. Elmer Larson of Moorhead, MN. He displayed 15 tractors all in good running order. A keener
mechanic than Mr. Larson you will not find, and he is always ready
to give a helping hand where needed. Other larger tractors
displayed were the Big-Four 30 by Mr. R. C. Larson of
Moorhead, MN, a 35-70 Minneapolis by Mr. Nilmer Bjorndahl of
Moorhead, a Garr-Scott “40” and a Russell Giant 30-60 by
Mr. Norman Pross of Luverne, North Dakota, and Aultman-Taylor 30-60 by Mr.
Earl Yterler of Wolverton, MN, and a World War I Holt 10-ton
Caterpillar by Mr. Laurence Fisch of Barnesville, MN who had a
number of smaller tractors also on display.

The Holt 10-ton gives
nice stacktalk when Mr. Fisch is at the controls. Mr Fisch is a big
booster and helper at the show. We were having a problem lifting
a 450 pound radiator into place on the Avery 40-80 tractor when he noticed it and hurried to our assistance with one of his
tractors. The front end loader on it lifted the radiator, just
like that. We really appreciated it with thanks.

Many smaller
tractors were on display. The highest number I noticed was 49 on
one of them all in good running order. 15 grain separators, the
largest a Buffalo-Pitts Niagara Second with a Perfection Dakota
style weigher and Maple-Bay wind stacker owned by Mr. William Hektner
of Wahpeton, N. Dak. A large saw mill owned and operated by Mr.
Ellsworth Grahn of Vergas, MN, also his lath mill. Of interest
was a shingle mill owned and operated by Mr. John Neperud of
Wahpeton, N.D. No speed racing nor tug-of-war contests which I
consider dangerous and do not like to see put on.

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