Thumb Area Old Engine & Tractor Club 16th Show

By Staff
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A beautiful display of Cushman scooters owned by Carl Cassel, Linwood, Michigan.
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A trailer load of engines owned by Loyd Server, Standish, Michigan.
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A nice restored Huber Super 4 brought in by the Forshee family, Akron, Michigan.
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Dave Babcock of Cass City, Michigan, exhibited a 12 HP Sears Roebuck Economy and an An Arbor baler.

464 S. 5th St. Sebewaing, Michigan 48759

The sun was bright and clear all three days for our 16th annual
show. And what a great show we had, thanks to all the exhibitors,
flea market people, and all the visitors. Thanks, and hope you come
again to our next show.

The fairgrounds were filled by noon Saturday. We had 102
tractors, 246 gas engines, five steam engines of various sizes, 36
antique cars and trucks, and a nice display of restored Cushman
motor scooters. The name Cushman is well known in gas engine land,
as they make a lot of gas engines used on sprayers, cement mixers,
and a lot of other machinery, including grain binders.

We had a pedal tractor pull again this year, and 75 children
pedaled their little hearts out to try and win a prize. We give all
the children a prize, not just the ones who win. We held a Sunday
morning church service, and would like to thank Pastor Dave

We, the club’s members, would like to thank our president,
Brian Oldenburg, and all the officers for the fine job they did
again this year. They spend many, many hours putting the show,
together. Thanks also to our ladies’ auxiliary for all the time
they put into taking care of the flea market people and all the
help they gave to the club this past year.

I don’t like to start naming names of exhibitors, but there
are some who bring displays that we need to thank for helping our
show. So I will stick my neck out now and name a few: Brian
Oldenburg, Saginaw, Michigan for bringing his Puffer Maker fan;
David Babcock, Cass City, Michigan for bringing his 12 HP Economy
engine, and his Ann Arbor stationary baler to bale the wheat straw.
The wheat was threshed with the club’s 28′ grain separator,
a Red River Special. Mic Deering and Jim Albrecht used their 30 x
50 Oil Pull to run the separator, and we also used some other
tractors on the grain separator.

Thanks to Donnie Schneider, Clifford, Michigan for bringing his
portable saw mill and tractor to run it; Harold Husted, Harrison,
Michigan for bringing his shingle mill; Lawrence Kennard, Vassar,
Michigan for bringing his wood planer; Bill Isham, Millington,
Michigan for bringing his drag saw; Stanley Robinson, Davidson,
Michigan, for bringing his self propelled upright boiler steam
engine and using it to roast the cob corn.

Carl Cassel, Linwood, Michigan brought his nice display of
restored Cushman scooters; Dick Witkausky, Caro, Michigan showed
his corn shredder; Tom ‘the bird’ Starling, Auburn,
Michigan displayed his rope machine; Pete Pierson, Artenville,
Michigan donated the use of a P.A. system.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Ripps Concession served all the
food at our show. Lawrence Languski, Ubly, Michigan brought his
Russell compound steam engine again this year. Lyle Higgins, Akron,
Michigan brought a nice display of horse drawn plows, all different
makes. We would also like to thank all the business people, the
flea market people, exhibitors, and club members who donated money
and items for our club auction.

All exhibitors and flea market people are invited to a free corn
roast Friday night and a hot dog roast Saturday night. Exhibitors
receive a free plaque, ribbon and badge. Our show will be held at
the Caro, Michigan Fairgrounds on August 7, 8, 9, 1992.

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