Third Annual Delaware Agricultural Museum Show

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A row of about a dozen tractors in the museum's main exhibit building.
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Engines at the 3rd annual gas engine show at Delaware Agricultural Museum.
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More scenes from the Delaware Museum include a wind mill.
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Reconstructed blacksmith's shop, courtesy of Ed Evans.
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Wallis tractor, the 1914 LaCrosse 12-24 Happy Farmer tractor is on display
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Wallis tractor, the 1914 LaCrosse 12-24 Happy Farmer tractor is on display

On Saturday, September 27, the Delaware Agricultural Museum
hosted its third annual Gas Engine Show and Antique Fair.

The museum was founded in 1974 by a group associated with
agriculture and dedicated to preserving Delaware’s agricultural
heritage. It is located on Route 13, just north of Dover, the state

Soon a corn house built between 1825 and 1850 will be moved to
the grounds thanks to a state grant.

The organization’s aim is to share an understanding of the
region’s agricultural past. The museum opened to the public in
August 1980.

Among permanent exhibits on the museum’s grounds are a
water-powered mill, blacksmith shop, farm house, granary and barn.
The main exhibit building houses numerous displays of farming
equipment including two steam traction engines and about a dozen

The museum is open all year except January to March, Tuesday
through Saturday 10-4; from July to September it is also open
Sundays 1 to 4; admission is charged.

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