THE HOOSIER FLY WHEELERS Gas Engine and Tractor Club Show

By Staff
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Large engines in back: 15 Famous, 25 Famous, 40 HP Fairbanks N. 5 Different Ottos in front.
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9056 Riverside Dr., Brighton, Michigan 48116

On June 27th to the 30th, 1991, the Hoosier Flywheelers held
their first annual show. Hosted by renowned engine collectors Kenny
and Wendy Wolf, with the help of family and friends, it turned out
to be a smashing success.

Exhibitors were present from 14 states, bringing with them 140
of the finest engine displays I’ve ever seen. Many rare and
beautiful engines came from all over the country. An 8 HP George
Pohl and a vertical Stover were in attendance. A trailer load of
fine looking Domestic side shafts along with a load of many
different styles of Witte engines were there. A Dairy Maid air
cooled and Lawson side shafts were present as were the New
Hollands. A 21/2 HP Moore Sure-Cool showed
up, as did a rare Canadian Magnet engine and many, many more. These
exhibitors dragged out and dusted off the cream of their
collections for this show, and their efforts were greatly
appreciated by all who saw them.

Kenny had two buildings erected for the occasion, alongside his
large engine display building.

The blacksmith shop with line shafting, grinders, saws, and trip
hammer were put to work by Rick Willoughby who demonstrated the
skills of the blacksmith’s art.

A large open sided building housed several examples of early
engines: an 1895 George White portable steam engine and an 1885
Stillwater portable were on display. And the 10 HP Westinghouse
vertical gas engine ran like a dream.

Because this was a first time show, Kenny didn’t want folks
to be disappointed, so he moved in about 75 of his most prized
engines, (including five different styles of Ottos), set up, and
was ready to run. We never got to run them all, but still put on an
excellent display.

At one time the 40 HP Fairbanks type N, 40 HP Heer 2-cylinder
opposed, 15 HP Famous, 32 HP Olin and the 22 HP Gould-Shapley and
Muir engine all were running at the same time in the same building!
Wow!!! Meanwhile in an adjacent building, the 16 HP Domestic, 10 HP
Westinghouse, 14 HP Jacobsen, 10 HP Stickney, and the 12 HP Sattley
all ran at the same time!

Our tractor display was excellent for a first time show, with a
Rumely 15-30 type F and among many others, Jerry Eaton of Tecumseh,
Michigan on his WF Allis Chalmers.

On Saturday afternoon the Indiana Garden Tractor Pullers
Association entertained. These fellows put on a heck of a show,
pulling a large weight transfer sled for distance. Geez! I’ve
never seen lawn mowers like that before, a fantastic show! Saturday
evening we had a pot luck dinner for all exhibitors; everyone
brought a salad or something to pass. The Wolfs furnished the main
course fried chicken What a feed!!!

We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone for coming
and helping. This was a huge undertaking, and your help made it the
success it was.

Next year’s show will be even bigger so plan on
attending-all exhibitors-welcome! Remember the last weekend of
June! By the way, we’re still looking for Consuelo!

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