The Autumn Engine Show

By Staff
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Vic (left) and Carl Grosser.

R.F.D. Sutton, Vermont 05867

On September 24th we went to an engine show in St. Johnsbury,
Vermont, sponsored by the Lion’s Club. Many other engine
enthusiasts were starting their engines. Our engine was a Galloway
make and break that fit in our pickup. I like this engine because
it is slow and does not continuously fire. Its ignition coil is
old; Dad found it in a junk store. The Galloway’s fuel is

There was a 15 HP Reid mounted on a trailer. It had an
interesting starting system. A much smaller engine was mounted on
the trailer also. This smaller engine had a belt running from its
flywheel to an axle with a rubber tire on it. The rubber tire
touched the Reid’s flywheel and started it.

We saw about five model steam engines. They were running on
compressed air.

Another interesting thing was a corn grinder. It was
belt-driven. There was a chute on it with grinders at the bottom.
Corn kernels were poured into the chute and cornmeal came out a
spout into a box.

An engine was running a pump. The engine was hitched to the pump
by a belt. The pump was geared inside so a pump piston would go up
and down. This was circulating water through a tank.

Engine shows are interesting. My favorite engine was the

About the Author: I am 11 years old. My hobbies are reading, ham
radio and electricity. I live in the woods in Sutton, Vermont with
my brother Carl and Mom and Dad.

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