The 2000 Riverbend Steam and Gas Show

By Staff
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1925 IHC 1 ton truck onwed by Kevin Cooke.
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Farmall Super M LP gas tractor on Baker fan, owned by Del Carpenter.
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IHC 6 HP Famous screen-cooled engine owned by Sharon Schut.
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2222 92nd Street, Byron Center, Michigan 49315

A sea of red flooded the Lee Scholna farm in Allendale,
Michigan, as the International Harvester line of tractors and
equipment was featured at the 2000 Riverbend Steam and Gas

The day before the show, Thursday, is always busy, with many
exhibitors bringing their equipment in all day long. By Thursday
evening, the showground is full and many have set up camp for the
night. On Thursday evening this year, we were greeted by a rain
shower. It didn’t last long, however, and a beautiful rainbow
appeared just before sunset. It seemed to be a good sign though,
for we had excellent weather during our two day show.

We had a great turnout of IH equipment with over fifty tractors
showing up, plus several IHC engines, harvesting machinery and

Tom Rosema’s 1921 Titan 10-20 was the oldest IH tractor
there. This tractor has been in the community since it was new. Tom
bought it at an auction sale several years ago and restored it to
running condition. Kevin Cooke brought in a whole line of
McCormick-Deering tractors. Kevin took the time to demonstrate many
of them on the club’s Baker fan. Del Carpenter also showed off
his tractor on the Baker fana Farmall Super M powered by LP gas.
This tractor has been in his family since it was new. They built a
custom-made cab for it. Del told me this tractor has over 25,000
hours on it, and the engine has never been taken apart.

Other IHC machines were in operation. Sharon Schut brought his
beautifully restored 6 HP Famous screen-cooled engine. Sharon found
this engine years ago in Ontonogan County in the Upper Pennisula at
Michigan, on one of his gas engine hunts. It was a junk pile, and
the belt pulley was cut off. He eventually did find it at a
neighbor’s place, and Sharon had it welded back on. He placed
it on a cart he found, and it ran like a clock at the show.

Flour Mill built in 1874 owned by Lee Scholma and built by his
fathered Claude Scholma. Powered by IH combine engine.

The club’s IHC grain binder was exhibited. One family
demonstrated an excellent, original condition McCormick-Deering hay
loaderpulled it around the grounds several times. Kevin Cooke
brought his one-ton 1925 IHC truck in original condition. The club
thanks everyone who brought in IHC equipment.

The Friday night and Saturday afternoon tractor pulls are always
a great crowd drawer. Radio controlled miniature airplanes are
popular, too.

We always have a number of belt-driven machines in operation,
both big and small. These included the sawmill, Baker fan, two
threshing machines, shingle mill, corn husker, hammer mill, silo
filler, and water pumps.

Hench & Dromgold 2 hole wooden corn sheller owned by Rick
Gilder and operated by his two children.

Lee Scholna demonstrated his 1874 flour mill, mounted on a wagon
and driven by an old IHC combine engine. This rig was built by
Lee’s father, Claude.

I always bring my two hole wooden corn sheller, built by Hench
& Dromgold of York, Pa. I power it with my 1 HP Fairbanks-Morse
Type Z engine. This sheller originally belonged to my
great-grandfather and then to my great uncle and aunts. When I
worked on their farm in the 1970s and 1980s, they still used it,
run by a lineshaft and electric motor. After they died, I inherited
it, and have been running it at our show ever since. It’s
always a crowd pleaser, and my children, Lindsey and Jason, love to
demonstrate it.

The Riverbend Club wants to thank all the exhibitors who came
this past year. Our next show is July 20-21, 2001. We will be
featuring the Fordson-Ferguson line of tractors. Hope to see you
there! Don’t forget to sample the delicious home made ice

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