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Martin Luebke of Mound, MN pounds out a souvenir horseshoe in the blacksmith shop
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3-wheeled 1913 Little Bull tractor goes through the parade.
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Beautiful 80 HP Case owned by John Hiniker of Mankato, MN.
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A four-horse hitch pulling a one bottom sulky plow,
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A 1911 36 x 60 Avery Yellow Fellow separator owned by 'Red' Goodburn of Mankato, MN.
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The veneer mill spewing out a stream of paper thin veneer.
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A 1890 Melounek &. Deutsch sawmill, a 2-man mill built in New Prague, MN.
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A partial view of the tractor lineup with the parade announcer's stand, blacksmith shop and horse barn in the background.
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Rt. 1 Box 139 LeCenter, Minn. 56057

‘The 12th Annual LeSueur County Pioneer Power Association
Threshing Show was held August 23, 24, & 25, 1985 at the
club’s permanent 57 acre showgrounds located 6 miles east of
LeSueur, Minn. Again, good weather and large crowds prevailed
throughout the weekend.

Eighteen acres of oats and spring wheat were threshed. Two large
grain stacks were threshed with the 1913 33 x 60 Nichols and
Shepard double-wing separator, the rest being threshed by a Case 24
x 42 hand feed ‘Agitator,’ a 1911 36 x 60 Avery Yellow
Fellow, and a 22 in. McCormick Deering. The rest of the field
activities included: shredding corn, cutting silage, baling, and
plowing with gas tractors, steam engines, and teams of horses.
Other work performed by the many teams of horses were mowing,
raking, and loading hay, harrowing, giving hay rides, and the
inevitable cleaning out the horse barn.

Our five acres of shade trees provide ample room for gas engine
grove with the many varied displays: miniature land, 1890 sawmill,
blacksmith shop, antique cars and trucks, the 1859 log cabin,
veneer mill, lathe and shingle mills, lumber planer, stationary
steam generator, dynamometer and much more. Each year the tractor
lineup gleams with many newly painted models, with more than 125 on

A few other areas of interest: parade at 1 p.m. on Saturday and
Sunday, ecumenical church service, musical entertainment scheduled
all three days, children’s barnyard and playground, 40′ x
120′ building full of arts and crafts, the ‘Ladies Country
Store,’ good food, and a new deep well with plenty of cold
water for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who helped make our 1985 show a huge success,
many of whom travel a great distance to participate.

Our 1986 show date is August 22, 23, & 24, 1986. See you

The ladies of the club take an active part in putting on the
show. Here Judy Pfarr of Le Sueur, MN, hands out one of the many
homemade ice cream cones sold at the show. The Pfarr family and
friends put in many hours of making ice cream the nights of the
show so they have a supply during the days.

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