Show Time in Texas

By Staff
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13121 Northumb Houston, Texas 77047

Here are a couple of pictures, from an engine-lover’s view,
of the Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine Association Show, held in
Temple, Texas, October 1-3, 1993. There were lots of engines to be
admired, from an Atlas 24 HP, to a 71/2 HP tank cooled Galloway
(shown in picture), to the common engines that those lovers of old
iron spend countless hours restoring.

If you want to bring back childhood memories of a summer
evening, you have to try the homemade ice cream, mixed by two 1 1/4
HP upright Monitors. All the home-cooked meals and treats were
delicious as well.

A cool front rolled through Sunday morning and settled the dust
for about an hour and a half. I think a lot of people were pulling
out just ahead of the rain, as you could see the clouds darkening
the horizon. But we all had a great time. The 1994 show will be
held Friday through Sunday, September 30-October 2. See you

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