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Jackson, Michigan 49201

As a new subscriber to the G.E.M., I would like to compliment
the efforts of those who put together the annual show of the
Riverbend Steam and Gas Association of Allendale,
Michigan. One can easily see that an extra effort was put into each
display of operating steam and gas engines and a variety of
operating machinery from the past. Such displays include an
operating saw mill, shingle mill, corn sheller, thresher, flour
mill and a tractor pulling contest with a large assortment of
old-time entries.

I have enclosed a couple photographs from our last year’s
visit in which a Perkins shingle mill, made in Grand Rapids,
Michigan, during the late 1800s and owned and operated by Sharon
Schut of Byron Center, Michigan, was very well matched up with that
of a 6 HP Russell steam engine, owned by Steve Heinbeck of Sparta,

As a souvenir from your visit to the show, one can take home a
cedar shingle that has been cut and branded with the Riverbend
brand burnt into shingle while you wait. The photo shows the
branding being done in the background. Another photo is that of a
19 HP Port Huron steamer, owned and operated by Russ Gelder, which
makes many rounds and aids in operating various machinery at the

Annual show dates are the first Friday and Saturday of

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