Pioneer of the Pioneer Power Show

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Photo Courtesy Dave Preuhs
Photo of Dave Preuhs, founder of Pioneer Power Show in Le Sueur, Minnesota.

Dave Preuhs doesn’t like a lot of attention for what he’s done, but it should be made known that he was the original founder of what is now the Pioneer Power Show of Le Sueur, Minnesota “In 1973 I got a threshing machine from my wife’s grandfather and pulled it home 23 miles from Belle Plain with a tractor to do some threshing. My father-in-law supplied me with a 7-foot IH grain binder, so that was the makings of our first threshing bee. In 1974 a bunch of friends and neighbors put on a threshing bee on my farm, and in 1977 we decided to form a club and called ourselves the Pioneer Power Association.”

The 65-year-old says he has always been interested in antiques, even as a kid, and is now the fourth generation working the soil on the family farm near Le Center, Minn. “When I was 10 years old I converted our brooder house into a museum, bringing out an old coffee grinder, butter churn, grain cradle, walking plow, old photos that were hanging in the outhouse, and other miscellaneous items. I always liked displaying stuff and working with old stuff. That led up to what we have today at the Pioneer Power Show.”

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