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Robert J. Hayes
Courtesy of Robert J. Hayes, 2008 Summit Ave., Muscatine, Iowa 52671.

Forest Grove Trailer Park Ontario, New York 14519

The 1970 Reunion was the best one yet! It was held in July at
Fairville, four miles north of Newark, N. Y. For a very detailed
and excellent description see the writeup elsewhere in this

The annual meeting of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association, Inc.
was held in November. The elected officers for 1971 are: Henry
Kotvis, Newark, N.Y., President; Roland Riegle, Tonawanda, N.Y.,
Vice-President; Dorothy B. Smith, Ontario, N.Y., Secretary and Mary
J. Johnson, Marion, N.Y., Treasurer. Directors elected are Earl
Clark, Palmyra; Franklin Orbaker, Newark; Vernon Gar-denier,
Martville, and Howard Scheer, Newark.

We are planning on our Spring ‘Gas up’ for May 23. This
will be a picnic lunch affair. We are in hopes that the weather
will be good by then, but here in the Northeast, one never

Our 1971 Reunion dates are July 30-31 and August 1st. We expect
the grounds to be much improved this year, with running water one
of the assets. We have room for campers, so when planning your
vacation, plan on stopping by and pay us a visit. You will be
warmly welcomed.

For any information on our Reunion or our Club, contact the
Secretary, Mrs. Dorothy B. Smith, Forest Grove Trailer Park,
Ontario, N. Y. 14519.

My three large walking tractors taken in the spring of 1969 when
getting ready to plow the garden. Left to right, they are — 1940
Standard Twin 2 cylinder 5 hp.. Sears Roebuck 1937 Handiman 4 hp.,
Model K B & S engine and Shaw Du-AII 1930 3 hp., Model R B
& S engine. All pull a 10 inch plow. Have the riding sulky or
convertible attachment for the Twin.

I with that some of the fellows who might have worked for or
sold the Shaw line would get some pictures and articles in to GEM.
They were the leading builders of Walking Tractors for many years.
The Bush Hog Co. bought them out a few years back.

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