Old Engines at the 33rd Annual Old Timers Show

By Staff
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Rare 1905 Bauroth Bros, vertical
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4 HP 1888 Dayton
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4 HP 1904 Ohio
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Ken Butterworth sets himself to shearing at the 2003 Old Timers Show.
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2-1/2 HP Foos with Mast-Foos pump jack.

For the last 33 years, and on the last weekend of September, the
Old Timers Club of Xenia, Ohio, has held its annual show on the
Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio. Although we were hit once
by a tornado, we still put on a great show.

The show starts on Friday, and it always includes demonstrations
of past agricultural practices. We thresh wheat with a 1944 22-inch
by 40-inch Huber threshing machine, and Bill Finkbone has his
portable sawmill working sawing wood. Club members also made ice
cream, using old engines to power the ice cream freezers. And 20
sheep were shorn in a demonstration of what’s become a nearly
lost art in this part of the country.

About every tractor make was present, and this year’s
feature tractor was Ford. A 1953 Golden Jubilee Ford in perfect
condition was on hand.

There are too many old engines to mention, but a few specific
ones stick out, including: a 1913 15 HP Reid; an 1887 4 HP Dayton
gas engine; a 1910 Seager (Olds) 3 HP engine; a 1912 4 HP Foos; a
1904 4 HP Ohio Motor Co. engine; a 1938 John Deere Series E 1-1/2
HP; a 1912 2-1/2 HP Foos (no. 39243) connected to a Mast-Foos pump
jack made in Springfield, Ohio; a 1926 Domestic 4 HP; a 1914
Domestic 1-1/2 HP; a 1914 Majestic 4 HP; and a 1906 IH Famous 2 HP.
Many more engines were present, all in various conditions.

A great show, and we hope to see you in 2004.

Contact engine enthusiast Ken Butterworth at: 2821
Wilmington Road, Lebanon, OH 45036; (513) 932-1837; e-mail:

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