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Howdy! And Happy Holidays! Most of the engine shows are over and
we are moving into winter and the engine restoration season. It was
a great summer for the Oil Field Engine Society. In September we
took on several new members at the West Virginia Oil and Gas
Festival, and we all had a great time.

While at the Oil and Gas Festival in Sistersville, several of
our group had occasion to visit Harry Horner and see his collection
in Pennsboro. He was very kind to allow us to take some photos for
use in the article, and this month I thought I’d show you his
externally ported Pattin Bros, engine of maybe 15 or 20 horsepower
(see photo #1). The charge of fuel and air on this two-cycle engine
is passed from the rear of the cylinder to in front of the piston
by means of an external pipe on the bottom of the block, which on
this one is broken. It’s an engine design which I thought was

In photo #2 we have Mr. Jack Williams with his 12 HP Pattin
Bros. Economy oil field engine (and yes, it is spelled with a
‘K’ on the top of the engine kind of unusual). It’s a
Pattin you don’t see nearly as often as some of the other types
they built.

Lastly, we have illustrations of the Simplex engine sold by Oil
Well Supply Company. Mr. Chester Bills was very nice to send us
several copies of oil field engine related material which we will
work into the article from time to time.

Hope you enjoyed the photos this month. If you want to talk oil
field engines or get a free membership in the Oil Field Engine
Society, drop me a line or a letter.

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