North Florida Show

By Staff
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Frank Christianson holding up the 24 pound hammer.

President, Rt. 1, Box 4380, Palatka, FL 32077

The North Florida Antique Engine Association was organized one
year ago after having two shows the previous year.

At our Dec. 1987 show, we had 39 exhibitors from 5 different
states showing over 130 engines, 12 models, 4 tractors, 2 toy steam
trains, a 1913 motorcycle, a may tag scooter and a rope making

And, without a doubt, the largest display of anvils and
blacksmith tools ever shown at an engine show in the South. Frank
Christianson of Lake City, Fla. exhibited 46 anvils, total weight
of 8700 pounds; the largest weighed 532 pounds, the smallest, a
jewelers anvil, made of 14 Kt. gold, weighed 8 ounces.

Mr. Christianson also had 3 cone anvils, 9 swedge blocks, and 7
hammers weighing from 16 to 24 pounds.

We had a Shriners’ Car Parade and a ski diving
demonstration; and T.V coverage from Channel 20, Gainesville,

Our shows are scheduled for the second weekend in March and Dec.
at the Trading Post Restaurant and Flea Market, Hwy 301, Waldo,
Fla. owned by Leon and Sheila Stanford, sponsors of our shows.

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