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Route 2, Box 127 Kewaunee, WI 54216

The Wisconsin Steam Antique Engine Club is fortunate in having
among its members collectors of many farm-related items. Included
in these collections are steam engines, gas engines, and tractors
of every kind, as well as many examples of rare old farm

William Frolick, Jr., 3910 Waldo Blvd., Manitowoc, Wisconsin is
an enthusiastic member who exhibits his fine collection of model
gas engines at the annual show at Chilton. Bill has found and
purchased these miniature scale engines in Indiana, Pennsylvania,
Alabama, and Florida, and has assembled the collection shown here.
These engines are masterpieces of painstaking detail in design,
construction, and painting, and they all run and sound like their
full-size counterparts. The Club is grateful to exhibitors like
Bill, who are willing to give the time and effort needed to provide
a valuable and unusual addition to the show attractions.

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