Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association

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St. Mary's diesel engine at '87 show
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plowing demos with Cat 60.

Schmidt Hickory Hillside Acres, Rt. #2, Box 84A California,
Missouri, 65018

The Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association
(M.R.V.S.E.A.) held its 24th annual show September 11, 12, &
13, 1987 at the Cooper County Youth Fairgrounds, Boonville,

The weather cooperated beautifully and we had what many referred
to as ‘Our biggest and best show ever’. Some of the many
attractions included: steam engines, antique tractors, farm
machinery, antique cars, work horses, gasoline and diesel
stationary and portable engine exhibits, live entertainment, grain
threshing, straw baling, corn binding, corn husking, wood
splitting, daily parades, flea markets, craft displays and sales,
antique and classic tractor pulls, tractor and steam engine games,
plowing demonstrations, miniature train rides, church services and
many others.

Of special interest was our newly rebuilt sawmill which sawed
out many feet of nearly perfect lumber, our horse power farming
exhibition which plowed, disked and planted our next year’s
wheat crop during the show, our horse, tractor and steam engine
plowing demonstrations, and our display of nearly 225 tractors.
This year we featured John Deere as it was the company’s 150th
anniversary. We hosted over 95 Deeres 1918-1987 from several
states. Trophies were given for oldest tractor and 1st, 2nd and 3rd
place best restored tractor.

Although 24 years old, our club and show are young at heart and
are both still growing. With the 1987 show now history, we are
already working hard on our 1988 show, our 25th, we want to make it
even better. In 1988 we will be featuring IHC. Make plans to come
and join us in our 25th Anniversary Celebration, September 9, 10,
& 11, 1988. We’ll be looking for you!

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