Massey at Sandwich 1993

By Staff
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69 Dawn Ave., Piano, Illinois 60545

The response to my call for MASSEY HARRIS exhibitors at the
’93 Sandwich Early Day Engine Club Show, June 26 and 27 was
really great as far as this organizer was concerned. We had 35
tractors, three plows, five engines, four pedal tractors, 60 to 70
1/16 scale tractors, many very highly
detailed. We also had four very large signs, several smaller ones,
much sales literature, manuals, giveaway items, M-H wrench
collection, and a genuine M-H dealers clock. While this may not
seem like a good showing to some, last year we had three, and two
were mine. A small building adjacent to the tractor and engine area
held the models, tools and literature. It tied the whole M-H
display together very nicely.

Some of the rarer tractors at the show included: Arlo
Paxton’s 2-44D (built into four-wheel drive in the 60’s);
Tom Heine’ I-162G (only 26 built in 1953); Harry Bowen’s
MF98 (built by Oliver, only 500 built); Vern Carlson’s
four-wheel drive, (Vern was of Thomas-Carlson Massey Harris in
Batavia, 11 years ago); Edwin Theis’ 1929 Wallis; Schnell Bros.
333 with 3PT hitch, just restored and beautiful. They even trusted
me to drive it in the parades. Fred Kolb’s Green Challenger and
4 and 6 HP type #2 engines; Art Wegner’s two M-H engines and
N.O.S. parts, literature were also present.

Other very highly valued exhibitors included: Gene Benson, Roger
Blumer, Aubrey Brewer Jr. and Sr., Duane and Chad Christian, Bob
Coulter, Jim and Brian Gletty, Scott Gustke, Joe Keele, John
Kimpan, Bill Krummen, Rich Miller, Larry Nordmeyer, Pete Reckinger,
Laverne Severson, Roger Watson, Dave Wille, William and Helen
Winkelman, and Ron Yanos.

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