Lyle and Jim at the Mid-Michigan Show

By Staff
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303 Milford, Apt. 4 Davison, Michigan 48423

I thought I would send you a picture of our last show of the
year for ‘L & J Engines.’ That’s what we call
ourselves L stands for Lyle, J stands for Jim. Jim is my engine
show buddy, his full name is Jim Beath.

Jim collects Nelson Bros, engines and spark plugs, and cast iron
toys for fun, while I try to collect United engines with some steam
toys or steam engines for fun.

Some of the Nelsons Jim has are 2 HP C, 2 HP U, 1, Sunpower, 1
air cooled P, and a ? HP air cooled. He also has a Bolens

The Uniteds I have are all model A’s, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1. I
just restored an old belt-driven washer. I also have a Petoskey
marine engine.

The photo was taken at the Mid Michigan Antique Machinery
Association Show held September 20-22, 1996. It was really a nice
show and we really enjoyed our time there. We try to go to about 10
shows a year to display and we go to several other shows just to

Enjoy the photo!

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