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One evening, around the first part of October, 1988, I called my
buddy, Bill Neatherlin, and asked if he would like to go see a 12
HP Reid engine and he said sure. After he asked me where it was, he
stuttered a couple of times when he said he could leave first thing
in the morning. Bill is National President of E.D.G.E.& T.A.
and also Branch 13 President of E.D.G.E. & T.A. He also has
‘rust disease’, so he was ready to go!

We got to Coolspring Power Museum and just couldn’t believe
all the exotic engines there! Hard work and careful planning has
been done there. It’s nice to know that a collection as fine as
this exists. We go to see them all run, as this is the last get
together before they drain them for the winter. Old Bills eyeballs
were holes on the inside of his glasses just trying to focus on all
that old iron. Many thanks to: Paul Harvey, Fred Merry, Roger
Kriebel, Clark Colby, Nate Lillibridge and everyone else for
showing us around at Coolspring Power Museum.

After loading the 12 HP Reid which I got from Fred Merry. (By
the way, I have to add this here: Dr. Paul Harvey drove a J.D.
tractor 1? miles in the rain up to Fred’s house just to help us
load. What a trooper! Thanks again, Paul.)

We went to the Blue Mountain Gas & Steam Show at Bangor,
Pennsylvania, where we were again met with great eastern
hospitality. The president and vice president of the club greeted
us and made us feel welcome even though our home is 3,000 miles
away. They have a really nice show there with a shingle mill and
sawmill. Thank you, Blue Mountain Club.

We also went to Rough and Tumble Museum at Kinzers, Pennsylvania
and saw the rack gear Otto engine and then on to Henry Ford Museum
and Greenfield Village, at Dearborn, Michigan.

On the way back, we stopped to see my dear friends Ed and
Annetta Thournburg in Wakelee, Michigan, who are also engine
people. From there we went to Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village in
Minden, Nebraska. What a nice collection there of cars, trucks,
tractors, horse drawn equipment, etc.

After about three weeks on the road and the cab full of junk, it
was good to get home. Also thanks to Greg Johnson for telling me
about the Reid in the first place!

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