J. I. Case Collectors’ Annual Summer Show

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Charly Simpson at the controls of the 30-60 Case.
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JICCA treasurer Jerry Sanders presenting Edward Campbell, president of J.I. Case Co., a picture of J.I. Case factory scene.

20070 State Route 119 Maplewood, Ohio 45340

The J. I. Case Collector’s Association Summer Show and
Convention was held at the Tri State Gas Engine and Tractor Show at
Portland, Indiana, August 27 through 30th, 1992. This is the
largest show east of the Mississippi that I have ever attended. Gas
engines are displayed by the thousands, and tractors by the
hundreds. It seemed that every parts dealer and jobber in the
country were there displaying their items for sale. Also there were
many dealers with machine sales brochures, parts books, operator
manuals, plus a huge flea market with fine antique furniture and
related items and many crafts displays for the ladies’

This being the 150th year for the J.I. Case Company, Case
machinery was featured. The Case display was overwhelming, with
credit going to D. A. ‘Buzz’ Nealeigh and Paul Klingel,
both of whom spent many hours and miles hauling the heavier units
to the show. There were 12 Case steam engines, four Case cars, over
100 Case tractors, and many pieces of related implements. Models of
steam engines, 20-40 tractors, a cross motor tractor, 1200 Case
tractor and threshing machines were also on display. There were
Emerson Brantingham, Rock Island and Heider, which are all related
to Case by buyouts over the years.

Some of the outstanding pieces were: a steam engine built before
1900; a 30-60 tractor hauled in from Rollag, Minnesota for this
show; a CC high crop tractor; a CC with electric starter; an RC
with adjustable wide front end; an SC-4 and a DC high crop tractor
just to mention a few.

The show started on Thursday, which was a cloudy day. By early
afternoon it began to rain and, after over an inch of rain came
down, you can imagine what kind of shape the parking lot and
grounds were in. Despite the rain, the crowds were large all three
days. The tent at the Case display was always bustling with
activity and 150 years of Case memorabilia was selling very

Friday afternoon the sun was shining and the grounds began to
dry out a little.

Saturday the crowds were huge, traffic was backed up for miles,
and it took some anxious spectators over an hour to get on the
grounds. In the afternoon, the Case Collectors were honored to have
Mr. Edward Campbell, president of the J.I. Case Company, Ellen
Robinson, and Rick James, from Case, fly into Portland from Racine,
Wisconsin to visit the Case exhibit. They were met and given a ride
to the Case display in a Case car. They spent several hours talking
with collectors and looking over the engines and tractors. Mr.
Campbell seemed to get lost in the crowd and was seen riding on
some of the tractors and engines.

Saturday evening the J. I. Case Collectors held their annual
summer meeting and banquet at Bear Creek Farms, just a few minutes
from the show grounds. This event was well attended with over 200
members present. People from as far away as England, Scotland,
Wales, Ireland, and our neighbors from Canada, were present.

Sunday morning brought another nice day, and the last day of the
show; many folks started packing up for the trip back home.

Our next meeting will be at Evansville, Indiana on March 19 and
20, 1993, with a tour of collections in that area, a Case parts
auction and our annual winter membership meeting. Hope to see many
of you there!

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