Idea for Reunions: MUSIC & DANCING

By Staff

C. J. Nielson, an oldtimer from California, suggests that there
be more music and dancing on the programs for engine shows and
thresher reunions.

He notes that in the old days of threshing, fiddle music helped
liven up the get-togethers, and feels that shows would please their
guests by modern versions.

‘Almost everybody likes music,’ he said in a letter to
this magazine. ‘It is said music is medicine to the soul.’
He adds that ‘most women like to dance a little’, and they
might persuade their partners to join them in the fun.

He suggests various possibilities put dancing on the schedule,
with live music; bring in some cloggers to do some fancy stepping;
hold a jam session, inviting members and friends to bring their
musical instruments; make a piano available, for those who like to
play tickle the ivories, or bring in a blue grass band to play the
favorite tunes.

If you wish to respond to C. J., write to him a 2838 Kobe Drive,
San Diego, CA 92123.

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