Father’s Day Show Report

By Staff
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In the background is Branch 9's Holt well drilling rig. We just got it going for the show; it was an Al Foot project.

2039 Laurel Road Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

We just finished our Branch #9 EDGE&TA 6th Father’s Day
Gas-Up. It was a great show. We had a lot of outside clubs join us
in the fun. I want to thank each one. Also two car clubs joined in
Sunday. Sure was great. I didn’t count all the engines and
tractors. There were a lot of them.

We had a good church service. I have been in charge of the
services for six years, but they didn’t tell me it was changed
from 8 to 9 o’clock. But we went with it and rang the old
church and school bell. It brought them in. We had over thirty

There was one display with four Thermoil engines; a 3 HP-6HP, 8
HP and a 9 HP. All the engines were started with a crank. The
Thermoils belong to Jim B. McMullen of Portland and Bill Wallner of
Cave Junction. A 6 HP Davenport was belted to a feed grinder. It
ran two days and used about three gallons of kerosene.

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