Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc

By Staff

3510BrooklakeRd. N.E. Brooks, Oregon 97303

Having been involved in the fabulous hobby for over 25 years
now, I have had the very nice experience of meeting a lot of new
people and making friends with many.

I have been involved at the National level since 1975, and feel
very proud to have been a part of getting the organization on sound
footing. I have also helped in the establishment of over 20 new
branches during this time. We just recently formed two new
branches: Branch 36 in Washington and Branch 37 in Arkansas.

My background is this: I was born and raised here in Oregon and
have a farming background. Went to school here in Salem and
attended Oregon State University. Served in the U.S. Air Force as
an aircraft loadmaster. I was a professional fire fighter with the
Salem Fire Department for 10 years. I was co-owner of Salem Tire
Service for 21 years and presently own an antique store and
specialize in farm and antique toys.

I have served as National President (with the exception of one
year) since 1978; prior to that I was Vice President for two

With 37 branches, from the East Coast to the West Coast, we now
have a membership in excess of 6000. Our goal is to promote the
hobby of old iron, restore and preserve a part of the past for our
followers to enjoy and carry the hobby forward.

We continually stress safety at all the events and shows. We
have an excellent safety record and see no reason why this cannot
continue. With everyone’s help, we can put on the best and
safest shows around.

Over the past few years we have worked with the insurance
industry, trying to obtain a favorable liability insurance. One
that would give good coverage at a reasonable rate. Well, this
spring, we were able to put together a National Liability Insurance
Policy, with good coverage at an affordable price. This coverage is
available only to branches of the Early Day Gas Engine &
Tractor Association, Inc. So, any group that is interested may
contact us for specific details.

Now to stray a bit. Since starting our articles in GEM we have
received numerous pieces of correspondence requesting information
on parts, engines, paint numbers and where to buy a certain
tractor. Well, we suggest that you use the advertisers in GEM. As
an example, the Reflector has a nice book called The Reference
Guide. It lists a lot of serial numbers and paint numbers.

We send our branches a monthly newsletter trying to keep them
informed as to everything of importance and related to the hobby.
We suggest that anyone interested in becoming involved contact the
branch in your area. If you’re unsure of this, contact us and
we will forward the necessary information.

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