Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

By Staff

3510, Brooklake Rd. N.E., Brooks, Oregon 97303

BRANCH 14: This Branch was formed in 1985 and is located in the
greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. Their membership stays at about
100 members and most are very active. Their main event is in
September and is held in Salt Lake City. They also show in Vernal,
Ogden, South Jordan and Riverton. Their members are made up of
farmers and city boys. Their official name is the Utah Antique
Machinery Association and their newsletter is called ‘The Tired
Iron News’. Their members boast that they feel that this engine
club is the best that they have belonged to and they are having
tons of fun.

Over the years there have been a great number of people who were
very instrumental in the guidance and leadership of the Early Day
Gas Engine and Tractor Association. The EDGE&TA does not/nor
has it ever had any paid officers. It is a pure dedication to the
hobby and unselfishness on their part to help and to serve.

Dale M. Perrill, Rochester, Michigan and John M. Achey, Dresser,
Wisconsin were the two people responsible for kick-starting the
EDGE&TA and pushing it forward in the early years. The first
officers elected were John Achey, president; Wendel Fertig, Larned,
Kansas, vice-president; Alden R. Moural, Milton, Iowa, secretary
and Dale Perrill, treasurer. The first annual meeting was held in
Geneseo, Illinois and the following people were elected to office.
Lester L. Roos, Geneseo, Illinois, president; F. L. Williams,
Cordova, Illinois, vice-president; Alden R. Moural,
secretary-treasurer; Howard Beese, Lockridge, Iowa, director west
of Mississippi and Ellis M. Wellman, Erie, Pennsylvania, director
east of the Mississippi. At the next meeting Dave Brochert, Makato,
Minnesota was elected director east and Glenn W. Thomas, director
west. John P. Wilcox, Columbus, Ohio was elected later to succeed
Glenn Thomas.

In 1966 the following people were elected to office. They were
Conrad O. Tritten, Minneapolis, Minnesota, president; Dick Carter,
Campbells Port, Wisconsin, vice-president; and Karl Marquardt,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, secretary-treasurer. The following year
Ruben Michelson, Annamoose, North Dakota was installed as director

In 1968 Carl Kerkman, Newhall, Iowa became vice-president. 1968
Karl Marquardt designed the logo and 4 inch decal using a 2 HP
Lauson-Lawton and a 45 HP IHC Mogul tractor as centerpiece. Mr.
Marquardt is to be commended for this is the decal that is still in
use today.

In 1969 Carl Kerkman was elected as president, Alton Rexin,
Hughson, California became vice-president and Karl Marquardt was
un-opposed for secretary-treasurer.

In 1971 Wilbur Skarr, Alameda, California was elected
vice-president. In 1972 Tom Graves, Junction City, Oregon was
elected president. The following year these people held office: Tom
Graves, president; Lester Roos, vice-president; Carl Kerkman,
secretary-treasurer; John Wilcox, director for the east and Harold
Ottawa, Wichita, Kansas as director for the west.

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