Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

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3510 Brooklake Rd. NE, Brooks, OR 97303

The Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc. is a
national organization whose purpose is to stimulate interest in
collecting, restoring, preserving and exhibiting gasoline and oil
engines, gas and steam tractors, power driven farm machinery and
any other equipment of historical value.

The national association is governed by three national officers
elected by the membership, and is composed of many local branches
(clubs) scattered throughout the United States.

Each local branch has its own set of officers and functions
independently in its own area.

Membership is obtained through the local branch and active
participation is encouraged. A membership in one branch entitles
the member to exhibit his engine or tractor with a welcome feeling
at any other branch, regardless of location.

The national association is supported through a small annual
membership, payable by each branch.

There are many advantages to belonging to the EDGE&TA.
Fellowship with other people who enjoy the same hobby and fulfill
the same purpose; association with a national group of old engine
lovers; valuable information available from older, experienced
engine men who are willing to offer assistance in old engine
restoration; newsletters and classified ads available through local

In December 1956, Dale Perrill of Rochester, MI and John Achey
of Dresser, WI decided to form an engine club. In February 1957 the
Middle States Early Day Gas and Tractor Association was formed with
Mr. Perrill, Mr. Achey, Wendell Fertig, and Alden Moural as the
charter members.

In June 1957 there seemed to be some confusion as to the name of
the club. At this time the name was changed to the Early Day Gas
Engine & Tractor Association.

From the beginning until June 1959, the EDGE&TA has been
just a club with members all over the Midwest. In June 1959 the
first branch was formed and that was Branch 1, at St. Croix Valley,
WI. Branch 2 in the area of Sussex, was formed in August 1959.
Branch 3, Geneseo, IL was formed the same month.

In April 1959, the EDGE&TA was incorporated as a national
nonprofit, non-stock corporation in the state of Wisconsin. The
name Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association and EDGE&TA
were also registered at that time.

It is interesting to note (and this is documented), that Donald
E. Robbins of Troy, OH was the first member of the EDGE&TA to
show engines at a show held by another organization and that he was
the first person to show engines at any show. This show was at the
Darke County Steam Threshers Show, east of Greenville, Ohio.

The first national meeting was held on April 29, 1961, and was
hosted by Branch 3 at Geneseo, IL. Membership at that time was at
about 400.

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