Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

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3510 Brooklake Rd. NE, Brooks, Oregon 97303

Another Case happening this year will be the J.I. Case Heritage
Foundation Expo, to be held in conjunction with the Great Oregon
Steam-Up, Brooks, Oregon.

They are going to have a mini warm-up in June 1990 along with
EDGE&-TA Branch 10. Branch 10 is hosting the 1990 National
Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association National Meeting and
it will be held at Oak Creek, Wisconsin during the month of June

These events promise to be some of the best held with Case
tractors and equipment being shown that are one of a kind and not
normally seen at any other show. For instance, a Case Steam Car is
being brought in from Australia and traction engine #711 will be
present. Branch 15 of the EDGE&TA also holds their annual
meeting in conjunction with the Great Oregon Steam-Up, and many
members also help put the show on.

By being associated with the National Early Day Gas Engine &
Tractor Association, many members have had some unforgettable
experiences. During the early seventies, a California branch was
hosting the National during the summer, and it was exceptionally
hot that year. Several people from other states were not acclimated
to the heat and had problems. In the end, things worked out very
well, and everyone had a great time.

Several years later the National was held in the mid-west. They
had an unusually bad storm, and some members from the West Coast
got caught in Kansas City in the flood. The water was so deep that
it was running over the floorboards of the pickup. The natives of
Missouri called it a ‘GOOSE DROWNER’.

In the early eighties the National was held in the state of
Washington close to the foot of Mt. St. Helens. This was shortly
after the mountain had erupted. Several anxious moments occurred as
the mountain was still spewing out a little ash. All in all, the
past experiences should make very interesting reading should anyone
put this history into print.

BRANCHES ACTIVITIES: Branch 15 was formed in the spring of 1971
and is located in the western part of Oregon. They are governed by
three officers, a President, Vice-President, and
Secretary-Treasurer. For the most part, all decisions are made by
the membership. They have get-togethers about every six weeks, and
this rotates to a different member’s place or meeting hall
depending on the weather. The membership balances around 350
members and many of these members are very active in club
functions. Their annual meeting and show is held in conjunction
with the Great Oregon Steam-Up with many members participating in
other events such as the Northwest Collectors Car Club shows. Their
newsletter is called ‘Backfire’ and is published ten days
to two weeks before a get-together.

BRANCH 21: This is one of the smallest branches we have with an
annual membership of around 15. They were formed in 1985 and are
located in the Klamath Falls, Oregon area. They sponsor an annual
threshing show and several members also show at the local fair.

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