Butterfield Steam and Gas Engine Show

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Courtesy of Wayne R. Hanson Mountain Lake, Minnesota 56159
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Courtesy of Wayne R. Hanson, Mountain Lake, Minnesota 56159
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Courtesy of Wayne R. Hanson, Mountain Lake, Minnesota 56159
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Courtesy of Thomas C. Graves, 14020 S.W. River Lane, Tigard Oregon 97223
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Courtesy of George Wakefield South Street, Gladstone, New Jersey 4 Hp. Novo Upright.
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Courtesy of John C. Neagley, 202 Hoffman Road, Rossford, Ohio 43460
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Courtesy of Thomas C. Graves, 14020 S.W. River Lane, Tigard, Oregon 97223

Mountain Lake, Minnesota 56159

The Butterfield Threshermens’ Association (Butterfield, Minn.) held its second annual Steam and Gas Engine Show on August 24-25 and for the second successive year drew large crowds. Last year the show drew nearly 15,000 for a single day, and this year, expanded to two days. The crowd was even larger and so was the show.

Four rigs threshed 15 acres of oats during the two days, and when they were not threshing, visitors got a chance to see logs sawed by a new saw mill, cut in a shingle mill, split in a wood splitter and ripped with two old log saws. This new wood cutting area was popular with the show visitors, and the free shingles were much sought souvenirs of the show, especially when stamped with the show name and date.

Credit photo to Butterfield Advocate of Watonwan County, Minnesota. This is an antique Graham truck loaded with cargo.

Credit picture to Butterfield Advocate of Watonwan County, Minnesota. This shot is a beautiful lineup of over 30 antique tractors, all running.

We thank the Butterfield Advocate newspaper Watonwan County, Minnesota for their permission to reprint the pictures from the Butterfield Steam and Gas Engine Show.

This is the Show’s new star–the saw mill- and it fascinates the young and old.

D.M. Smith of Portland, Oregon visiting Walter Mehmke. That’s a Schramm compressor with a 5 hp. Domestic engine.

Beautifully restored tractors, over 40 of them, were a highlight of the show to anyone who inspected them or watched them run during the equipment parade on both afternoons. Over 100 gas engines, like a Kansas City Lighting and an inverted Hart-Parr, chugged away for two days, all running as they once did back in the ‘good old days’.

Other features of the show were the wool spinning, butter churning and antique displays. . .especially to the ladies. To top off Sunday’s entertainment, an old fashioned dress review was held with prizes for the ‘best dressed’.

There were many more highlights to this two-day affair, but most visitors from a distance agreed that the lakeside site with its shade trees and plentiful food stands made the show what is was. Also on the grounds were about 20 antique cars and trucks, a portable water well, an ancient reaper, miniature steamer and seperator, to mention a few.

Next year on August 16-17, the Butterfield Threshermen’s Association will hold its third annual show and this whole community of 601 is already preparing for it. Hope you mark the dates down on your calendar. . .we’d love to see you there!

‘Ten Minutes of good luck will make you forget all the bad luck you ever had.’

My 25-50 Baker Gas Tractor. It had a Wisconsin engine in it and runs quite well, I displayed it at the Nat. Threshers Assn’s show last June. Oh, by the way, that’s me standing with the Baker.

My lastest project is restoring a 30-50 Rumely. The 30-50 is a 25-45 with a 100 rpm’s added. I hope to have it at the NTA’s show this June.

I was wondering if any of the readers have any information on the Gearless. Gas Engine Company of Springfield, Ohio.

Walter Mehmke with part of his collection at Highwood, Star Route, Great Falls, Montana.

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