Boswell Show

By Staff
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A 2 HP hopper cooled Detroit Sandow.
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A twin cylinder Ottawa.
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1 HP Wilson Des Moines.

All the engines on this page are rare and
beautifully restored they were photographed at the third annual
Boswell, Indiana Show, last August.

This was our third show at the beautiful Benton County
Fairgrounds and it sure was the best ever. We more than doubled the
number of gas engine and tractor exhibits over the previous year
and had a sevenfold increase over our first year.

This year we had two operating sawmills, buzz rigs, baker fan,
dynamometer, steam threshing, stationary baling and a nice parade
each day.

Our longest distance visitor was Don MacMillan of Wilts, England
who was in this country on business and drove to the show from the
northern part of the state. Don is a retired John Deere dealer and
is an active collector. B.Z. Cashman of Mayo, Florida showed a nice
Brown-wall and was the longest distance exhibitor. Other
outstanding exhibits were Gene Pock’s 1919 Indiana Tractor
shown by Larry Doughty, Carl Sigmand’s 1920 Heider, Marion
Klutzke’s immaculately restored W.C. Allis, Howard Porter’s
beautiful Economy tractor and Bill Hedrick had an outstanding group
of Silver Kings.

As usual Eddie Cox of Amo, Indiana and Paul Metzinger of Boswell
had very nice gas engine exhibits. Last but certainly not least,
there was Nick Fisher who brought two semi loads in from the north
including many nice John Deere tractors, a saw mill and stationary
baler. Nick restores and displays the collection of Earl Keel of
Valparaiso, Indiana.

We have a tree studded 20 acre fairground with a two acre lake
and nice permanent buildings. We still have plenty of room to grow.
There is abundant room to camp also. Next year we will have an area
to plow and disk adjacent to the show grounds.

Hospitality is what we are known for in this neck of the woods
and we hope you can be here next year and get your share! Mark your
calendar now August 16,17,18, 1985.

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