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25 HP Foos mine hoist owned by John Phillips.
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Genife Jacob on an M-M J.T. 1936.
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Phyllis Stevens of Tucson, Arizona.

3237 W. Northview, Phoenix, Arizona 85051

As the weather cools down, the shows in the Northwest are
winding down and you’re putting your engines and tractors away.
Hope you all had a great season.

Out here in Sunny Arizona, we wait for it to cool down enough so
we can touch our old iron. We just held our 10th annual show,
October 3rd and 4th, at the Bob Sheppard Farm in Goodyear,

We were very happy to have 126 engines and displays and 117
tractors. There was a parade at 1:00. The lead tractor carrying the
U. S. and Arizona flags belongs to Dawn and Henry Miller. It’s
a 22-44 Oliver.

There was a tractor pull both days. Our very special announcer
and score keeper, Larry Stafford and Nancy Genepper, and a well
organized tractor committee, pulled 79 tractors in three hours on
both days.

The engines ran early each day, and we had a great crowd
watching and asking questions. Ray Webb brought his four-sided
molding planes manufactured by David N. Brown, St. Louis, Missouri.
Powered by a 1914 two-cylinder, 8 HP Cushman, this unit was last
used in 1929 at Miame, Arizona. John C. Phillips had a 25 HP Foos
mine-hoist engine. Buster Brown, of Welton, Arizona, brought his
steam tractor engine and a hot air engine. Jim Blain of Tucson
brought his hot air engine. There were too many to mention every

Another special item was Bob Sheppard’s Watusi steer, an
African breed. His horns are 40 inches! Bob has trained him to pull
several two wheeled carts hooked in tandem and gives kids

Once again our ladies brought and sold cake, pie, cookies, pop,
snow cones, popcorn, etc. Our information booth sold coffee mugs,
t-shirts, caps and raffle tickets for a John Deere pedal tractor.
We signed up 22 new members.

Thanks to everyone who brought their engines and tractors for
display. Our club thanks everyone who came and enjoyed our show.
You are the ones that make this event worthwhile.

Special thanks to all ladies who work while we play, and to Bob
and Gretia Sheppard and family for hosting.

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