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179 Lakecrest Drive North East. Milledgeville, Georgia 31061

In the fall of 1999, my wife and I were traveling with friends
in Canada. In Denmark, Nova Scotia, we came across the A. R.
Sutherland & Son Steam Mill Museum. It was a partially restored
and operating wood products mill. It had a sawmill, shingle mill,
steam bath, and implements for making windows, wheels, and other

Most of the large machines were powered by a horizontal piston
engine. The casting showed it to be Model #1555 made by Pickering
Co. of Portland, Connecticut. The flywheel is about four feet in
diameter. The photo shows the engine in cramped quarters, and my
camera was not able to get the engine in a single frame.

I am hoping that the readers may have some information about the
age of the engine or the Pickering Company of Portland,
Connecticut. The museum staff said it was 60 HP but had no further
information about it. Either you or I could pass any new
information on to the staff.

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