27th LaGrange, Ohio Engine Club Show

By Staff
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Part of steam engine row.
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Harold Hartman and his antique Indian motorcycle.
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Club's Dixie shingle mill run by Ned Bright.
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Threshing wheat.
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Antique Diamond T truck.
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Sawmill edging boards, Billy Kennedy, sawyer.

494 Twp. Road 232, Sullivan, Ohio 44880

Due to wet weather, the racetrack infield at Lorain County
Fairgrounds was unavailable for use, so with last minute changes,
most of the heavy equipment was displayed in the main parking lot.
This gave us more room for threshing and the sawmill, so we may
continue this at future shows. A number of clubs joined us to make
this a fun three days. They include The American Indian Motorcycle
Club, of Lorain County, Vintage Motor scooter Club, Ohio Watch Fob
Collectors, The Railroad Heritage Society (they bring a train load
of steam fans from the Orville area), Jordan’s Farm Toys, and
new this year, The American Truck Historical Society. There were
three days of gas engines, steamers, sawmilling, shingle making,
drag saw, lots of gas tractors, and an antique tractor pull. Lots
of good food, and a large flea market kept folks happy.

The 1998 show will be at the Lorain County Fairgrounds September
18-20, and we will be featuring equipment manufactured by A. D.
Baker Company of Swanton, Ohio. Hope to see you there!

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