2002 Internationale Stationaire Motoren Show at Nuenen, The Netherlands

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Very interesting Austrian-built Felix Renauer sideshaft engine. Look closely, there's a lot going on there!
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Mighty two-cylinder Belgian Fetu-Defize slide-valve engine. Output is estimated at 20 HP.
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A beautiful 1895 4 HP Deutz. Note the huge magneto.
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25 HP Beijers two-stroke hot-bulb engine.

May 19-20, 2002 was the 14th annual Internationale Stationaire Motoren Show at Nuenen, The Netherlands. This is one of the best European gas engine shows in the world, and not because of the great number of engines (about 500) but because of the huge variety of engines exhibited.

Quite a few U.S. engines were on hand, but we also had engines built in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Sweden. We didn’t have any oil field engines at the show, but some big engines turned out. Exhibitors came from Holland, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland and Germany for this seminal event.

The Juffer family brought their 25 HP Swedish-built Beijers hot-bulb to the show. It was sold new to drive a saw bench and is completely original. I think everyone agreed that the absolute highlight of the show was the two-cylinder, slide-valve, flame-ignition Fetu-Defize. This engine was running well and was very loud!

We were lucky to have great weather both days of the show, and we are looking forward to next year, perhaps with even more variety than ever. Enjoy the pictures!

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