1999 Riverbend Steam and Gas Show

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1928 Cooper Bessemer 25 HP
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1911 Gray 10 HP engine owned by David Henion.
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George Blair showing off his newly learned blacksmith skills.
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George Blair showing off his newly learned blacksmith skills.

2222 92nd Street, Byron Center, Michigan 49315

The 31st annual Riverbend Steam and Gas Association Show was held July 16-17, 1999, in Allendale, Michigan. The show keeps growing every year and was a great success. Spectator and exhibitor turnout was also great despite Saturday morning’s hard rain that did help settle the dust.

Our feature for 1999 was the Oliver Hart-Parr line of tractors and farm equipment. Kevin Cooke, of Hudsonville, brought two Hart-Parrs, a 1927 model 18-36 and a 1928 model 28-50. Kevin took the time to demonstrate both of these tractors on the club’s Baker fan.

The following people brought Oliver tractors: Jim Packer-Oliver 77 Standard; John Heuvelman-a beautifully restored Oliver HG that was pictured on our 1999 show flyer; Harold Walters-Oliver 66 row crop; Dale Spoelman-Oliver Super 77; Rodney Woolf-1951 Oliver 88; and club member A1 Weaver-1942 Oliver 70. The club thanks these guys for bringing in the featured tractor for 1999.

1926 Model 16-30 Eagle tractor owned by club member John Huitema.

1928 Hart-Parr 28-50 (left) and a 1927 Hart-Parr 18-36 (right), both owned by Kevin Cooke.

Several pieces of vintage machinery were demonstrated. A shingle mill, saw mill, corn husker, silo filler, buzz saw rig, two hole corn shelter, and two threshing machines (a wooden Rumely Ideal and a Huber), were demonstrated. These machines gave an opportunity for several tractors, engines, and steamers to be put to work and to show off what they are capable of doing.

Club member John Huitema brought along his 1926 Model H 16-30 Eagle tractor. John said he used to watch this tractor go by his farm when he was a kid, and even remembers sitting on it. Now he has owned it for many years.

New exhibits to the show include David Henion’s Gray engine, approximately 10 HP, built in Detroit. This was the first time David ever showed this 1750 lb. engine, and had to borrow a trailer to haul it. He dates the engine to around 1911, and it has a 7?’ bore and 9?’ stroke. His father bought it in Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1958.

The subject is a 14 x 28 HP Avery tractor owned by the Muruski family of Port Austin, Michigan.

Another new exhibit was a 1928 25 HP Cooper Bessemer engine, owned jointly by Fred Juhnke, Ernie Smith, and Roy Jones. These guys got this 10,000 lb. monster running three years ago. It has a 1298 cubic inch displacement with a 10?’ bore.

The West Michigan Aerobats Show Team brought in their miniature airplanes and dazzled the crowd with the impressive maneuvers these little planes can do. We look forward to having them here next year.

Other things seen at the 1999 show were the antique tractor pull on Friday night and the Lakeshore Pulling Club’s sanctioned pull on Saturday. The West Shore Two Cylinder John Deere Club also had their club tent and display here again.

The Riverbend Club gives its thanks to Del Vanden Bosch, who donated his 300 HP S cylinder Buckeye diesel engine to the club this past year.

Our next show will be held on July 21 and 22, 2000. We will be featuring the International Harvester line of tractors and equipment. We hope to see a big turnout of those Reds, and the older Grays as well.

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